Where To Obtain an E-Commerce License in Dubai?

E-Commerce License in Dubai

In Dubai, e-commerce licenses are viral; many UAE residents are switching from traditional store shopping to online shopping because it is more convenient. Business owners, traders, and entrepreneurs are considering launching an e-commerce business in Dubai due to this change. Therefore, all you need to establish a business in Dubai is an e-commerce license.

Governments provide a range of initiatives to help and support online retailers. Let us now explain where to obtain an e-commerce license in Dubai and other emirates.

Where To Obtain an E-Commerce License in Dubai?

Now, it’s time to choose the license that serves your online business the most from the following:

The UAE’s Mainland Online Business License.

You must submit an application through the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the relevant emirate if you need to launch an online business on the UAE’s mainland. The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority, which oversees the framework and operations of eCommerce in the UAE, must also approve any eTrade licenses before they can be issued.

Dubai Commercity (DCC) Free Zone

Dubai CommerCity is a free zone established to aid in the expansion of the MENA region’s eCommerce market. It offers a particular eCommerce ecosystem to help international and local brands launch and run their online stores in the MENA region. DCC provides:

-Support before and after setup, quick and automatic registration, and licensing.

-An eCommerce platform that comes pre-integrated and pre-configured.

-Intelligent and centralized customer relation management for excellent customer service.

-Access to onsite ecosystem service providers like payment gateways, marketing services agencies, call centers, and web developers.

-Access to business support services like networking events, talent acquisition and development, and marketing management.

Business enticements consist of the following:

  • 100% foreign ownership with no corporate or income taxes.
  • 100% of capital and profit repatriation.

With an investment of AED 3.2 billion, DCC is a partnership between Wasl Asset Management Group and the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA). 

DCC covers about 2.1 million square feet. The free zone is split into three clusters; the business cluster, the logistics cluster, and the social cluster. Each was thoughtfully and creatively designed to achieve investment and environmental sustainability strategically.

Department of Economic Development (DED) Trader License from Dubai

Through social media networks, UAE and GCC nationals who reside in Dubai can conduct business thanks to the eTrader license from Dubai Economy (DED).

You can use only one owner’s name to register an eTrader license. The eTrader cannot open a business or grant visas if there is a legal dispute; the licensee alone will be accountable.

Where Can You Get Your E-Commerce License from the Other Emirates?

  • The Ecommerce License (Tajer Abu Dhabi).
  • Eitimad Domestic License from Sharjah.
  • Virtual Merchant Licence from Ras Al Khaimah.



If you’re considering entering the booming e-commerce market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), primarily if you’re based in Dubai, you should get to work immediately. We hope that your company thrives and grows.